For as long as people have reviewed businesses online, there have been people who skew those ratings. Whether they work for a business or they’re being paid to do so, people giving false ratings has damaged the integrity and usefulness of virtually every review site, and at the same time, tricked consumers into buying products under the false pretense of positive reviews from the public. Or damaging a business with false negative ratings from the public or a competitor.

Until now, there’s been no way to guarantee that reviews have come from unbiased users. NinjaKittys is the first and only website that puts an end to fake reviews. How do we do this?


  • Only approved, official reviewers can review businesses
  • Only members of NinjaKittys can “agree” or “disagree” with these reviews


NinjaKittys combines the credibility of critics with the crowd-sourced wisdom of sites like Yelp. With the coupon power of Groupon and the savings of a loyalty card, NinjaKittys is the site consumers have been waiting for.

You can gain the ability to agree or disagree with reviews by becoming a member for a small annual fee. You didn’t think that’s all you’d get, did you? In addition, you’ll get access to exclusive NinjaKittys members-only coupons by select NinjaKittys merchants. Your membership fee will pay for itself in an instant with the incredible savings our merchants will offer you.

Any business can become a merchant on NinjaKittys for a small annual fee, which will allow them to reach NinjaKittys users and get customers in the door by offering exclusive coupons.

If you want to become an official NinjaKittys reviewer, get in touch with us.

About the Founders

Husband and wife co-founders, Camille and Brian Ochs, live north of Denver, Colorado. they have been rating businesses online for years like it’s their job, so they made it their job! They share a passion for helping consumers make decisions and helping customer service-focused businesses thrive.

Camille has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and enjoys all aspects of the discipline, including great customer service techniques. She enjoys researching nearly everything from historic and current events around the world to dog shows, dogs and cats, of course. Her hobbies include camping, traveling and learning about diverse cultures.

Brian has been employed in the Gas and Electric Utility for 32 years. He enjoys camping, remodeling, fly fishing, traveling, and the Denver Broncos.

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